Original Road To Dangdut

Original Road To Dangdut

Product Description

Dangdut, the local funky street music, is probably Indonesia's most powerful musical force. Dangdut emerged from 1950s Orkes Melayu (orchestras) and blended various foreign music including Arabic, Indian and western rock with Indonesian instruments such as suling (flute) and gendang (tabla shaped drums). This CD of 22 tracks charts the course of dangdut evolution with rare tracks from the 1950s until the 1970s. Artists include the King and Queen of dangdut, Roma Irama and Elvy Sukaesih, plus many relatively unknown but brilliant performers such as Rubiah, Tuty Dauley, Hasnah Tahar, Husein Bawafi, Munif, A.Kadir and M.Mashabi.

From 1950s-70s, the origin of dangdut. Islamic, Melayu, Indian film music and Indonesian pop mixed into an original dance music.

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