Orbit (x2 LP Vinyl)

Orbit (x2 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Latest album from producer Stuts, which was released in 2022, and is now out on vinyl. Features many of his collaborators over the years including Awich, tofu beats and Daichi Yamamoto. Elements of ambient, hip-hop and jazz funk.

Side A

1. Orbit Intro
2. Lights (feat. Blu)
3. Back & Forth
4. One (feat. tofubeats)
5. Liberation

Side B

1. Timing Desho (feat. Awich)
2. Floating in Space
3. Pretenders (feat. C.O.S.A., Yo-Sea)
4. Come to Me
5. Orbit Interlude

Side C

1. World’s End (feat. Julia Wu, 5lack)
2. Wisteria
3. Orbit - STUTS Band Session, Jan 14, 2021

Side D

1. Expressions (feat. Daichi Yamamoto, Campanella, Ryugo Ishida, SANTAWORLDVIEW, NENE, DOPENESS)
2. Voyage (feat. JJJ, BIM)
3. Storm (feat. KMC)
4. Orbit Outro
5. Driftin