Opus01 (LP Colour Vinyl)

Opus01 (LP Colour Vinyl)

Product Description

Originally released in 2003. First album by anonymass, featuring composer, arranger, euphonium player Tomohiko Gondo, keyboard player Tetsuya Yamamoto plus Seigen Tokusawa and Tomoko Kanda Gondo plays with Meta Five, Hasunuma Philharmonic and other bands, while Yamamoto has been involved in numerous commerical music, film music and worked with artists including YMO. Other musicians featured are . Acoustic instrument including euphonium, trumpet, marimba, cello, with electronica and vocals to create a warm, ambient, cinematic sound.

Side A
1. Little Wish
2. The Left Arm of Buddha
3. Still Life

Side B
1. Sing This Moment
2. The Right Thing in the Wrong Place
3. How?
4. For No One