Ongakuzukan (LP Vinyl)

Ongakuzukan (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Original release 1984. Ongakuzukan (Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia) was the fourth solo album from Ryuichi Sakamoto, considered to be one of his best. Includes 'Tibetan Dance' which he regularly plays live and 'Etude' which is a theme song for the charity supporting children's music education. This album was Sakamoto's first post YMO album, and he spent months recording it. Apparently many of the tracks he had been saving up during his time with YMO, with the album full of well crafted songs. Guests include Haruomi Hosono, Tatsuro Yamashita, Yukihiro Takahashi, Akiko Yano, Yan Tomita, Keni Inoue, Chuei Yoshikawa, Yasuaki Shimizu, Thomas Dolby and David Van Tieghem. Other highlights include Hane no Hayashide (In a Forest of Feathers) with its subtle harmonies, and Tribute to N.J.P. the Korean performance artist Nam June Paik.

1. Tibetan Dance 2. Etude 3. Paradise Lost 4. Self Portrait 5. Tabi no Kyoku Hoku 6. M.A.Y. in the Backyard 7. Haneno Hayashide 8. Mori no Hito 9. A Tribute to N.J.P. 10. Replica 11. Ma Male Low