Omoshiro Nippon 1 - Kyogen

Omoshiro Nippon 1 - Kyogen

Product Description

New series highlighting the witty side of Japanese traditional music. Born in 1931, Mansaku Nomura is one of Japan's leading kyogen actors, the son of the late Manzo Nomura (a Living National Treasure) and grandson of another great Manzo Nomura. His son is the popular Mansai Nomura, who now has his own son to continue the family kyogen dynasty. Kyogen is a theatrical art that has a history dating back some 600 years. Traditionally it was performed as comical interludes during noh performances but has developed as an independent art form. This CD acts as an introduction to kyogen with some of the most popular material with 11 famous amusing stories. 1.Yanagi no Shita 2.Nanatsu no Ko 3.Kai Zukushi 4.Kaido Kudari 5.Oharagi 6.Akatsuki 7.Usagi 8.Wakamatsu 9.Sumiyoshi 10.Taue 11.Utsubozaru