Okinawa Champloo Paradise

Okinawa Champloo Paradise

Product Description

One of the strengths of music in Okinawa, is the ability to combine various styles with the local music. Champloo the Okinawans call it, meaning mixture. This is a compilation that demonstrates the versatility of the music and various styles mostly performed by young musicians. Rock, pop, reggae, ska, rap, latin and club are just some of the types added to the local roots music blender. 16 tracks and artists including Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman, Ryukyu Underground, Tink Tink, Mimikiri Bozu, U-Dou & Platy, Diamantes, Ryukyu Yamato, Crimson, New Towner, B-Trippers, Shaolong To The Sky, Skaymates, The Beatle Crasher, The Junkey Jap Dogs, Mystic and Hidekatsu.