Okinawa Americana

Okinawa Americana

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Okinawa Americana are Okinawan singer and sanshin player Merry Gushi and American blues / rock singer and guitarist David Ralston. This is an album that does what it says on the tin, with a mix of Okinawan songs and original American blues/country/rock, with lyrics in both English and Okinawan. It was recorded in a variety of studios in Okinawa and America with an array of backing musicians, mostly American. For me personally, the American rock side is a bit overbearing, with too many cheesy lyrics espousing life in Okinawa. A little more variety in the rhythm would be nice instead of a constant drum kit. However, this is a fun album, and a lot of fun was had making it by the sound of it, and it's that atmosphere that shines through. putting a smile on the face of the listener not to mention some serious foot tapping. It's full of catchy songs and there's a real quality about the musicianship. Merry's contributions elevate the album to make it really something quite special. Just don't expect anything too deep.
1. Aha Bushi 2. Nankuru Naisa 3. Wide Bushi 4. Red Wine and Moonshine 5. Mimura Odori 6. Don't Cry 7. Hiyamikachi Bushi 8. Okinawa is My Home 9. Redemption Song 10. Mumuqua Fu