Okhotsk Fantasy (SACD Hybrid) (4.0ch Surround Sound)

Okhotsk Fantasy (SACD Hybrid) (4.0ch Surround Sound)

Product Description

Latest in the series of SACD Hybrid re-releases by Tomita. Okhotsk Genso is a new track composed by Tomita, inspired by a ficticious letter written by the sister of poet/author Kenji Miyazawa to Miyazawa, who inspired his latest original work, Symphony Ihatov. Tracks 2-7 were previously on Daphnis et Chloe (although three tracks from the orginal Daphnis et Chloe are not included) and tracks 8-12, were previously on the double album, Sound Creature released in 1977, and are released onto CD for the first time. Sound Creature originally demonstrated how Tomita created his works by stripping the sound down and through sound and illustrations in the booklet how the final version came into being.

1. Okhotsk Fantasy (11.42) 2. Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte (Ravel) Ma Mere L'oye Suite (Ravel) - 3. Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant (1:55) 4. Petite Poucer (3:52) 5. Laideronette,Imperattice Des Pagodes (3:38) 6. Les Entretiens De La Belle Et La Bete (6:00) 7. Le Jardin Feerique (4:20) 8. Symphonic Poem For Children "Night On The Milky Way Train" (Mono) Night of the Centaur Festival, The Weather Station Pillar, Swan Station, Crystal Sand's Riverbed, The Birdcatcher, Scorpio's Fire (10:09)