Oct. 29 2008 - Live in Yokohama - Thumbs Up (2 CDs)

Oct. 29 2008 - Live in Yokohama - Thumbs Up (2 CDs)

Product Description

Sweet Hollyawaiians are Japanese hot string band who play 20s and 30s Hawaiian music, with swing, calypso, ragtime and other influences. They invoke the music of guitar virtuosos such as Sol Hoopii, Eddie Lang and others playing guitar, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, bass and mandola. The level of musicianship is quite remarkable, and they have been garnering a reputation in Japan and around the world. This is a 2 CDR set, recorded live in Yokohama in October 2008.
CD1. 12th Street Rag 2. Ticklin' the Strings 3. Singin' the Blues 4. Ten Tiny Shoes 5. Sing Sing Sing 6. Spaghettie Rag 7. Louisville Special 8. St. Louis Blues 9. Caravan 10. Milenberg Joys
CD2. 1. Tarantola 2. Kohala March 3. I Like You 4. Hawaiian Medley 5. Singin' the Blues 6. Rose Room 7. Rum & Cola 8. Aloha Means I Love You 9. Hula Girl 10. Sweet Sue - Just You