Numazu no Dan from Igagoe Dochu Sugoroku

Numazu no Dan from Igagoe Dochu Sugoroku

Product Description

DVD of bunraku (puppet theatre) filmed in Tokyo, May 2008. 45 minutes performance plus interview with Sumitayu Takemoto. NTSC Region Code All. Born in 1923, Sumitayu Takemoto is a Living National Treasure of bunraku, the puppet theatre of Japan. His late father, Sumitau VI, was also a designated Living National Treasure. True performing ability for a gidayu or narrator is all important in bunraku and Sumitayu Takemoto displays all the necessary attributes in abundance. It requires many years of training and is remarkably virtuosic drawing on dynamics, power and a huge vocal and pitch range, almost to the limits of human possibility. Sumitayu conveys the attraction of the music and expresses the emotions of the characters. He is accompanied by Kinshi Nozawa (shamisen) and Seishiro Tsurusawa (tsure, kokyu). Numazu no Dan is the most popular act of the play Igagoe Dochu Sugoroku, which was staged for the first time in 1783. It is based around Heisaku, a poor old man, his daughter Oyone and a city merchant, Jubei.