Non-Standard Collection - Non-Standard no Hibiki (4 CDs plus Extensive Booklet) (Limited Edition) (SALE)

Non-Standard Collection - Non-Standard no Hibiki  (4 CDs plus Extensive Booklet) (Limited Edition)  (SALE)

Product Description

SALE! Was £99.99, now £89.99. 4 CDs, plus extensive and lavish booklet, including previoiusly unreleased tracks by Haruomi Hosono and Pizzicato Five. From the mid 1980s, the Non-Standard label, founded by Haruomi Hosono released a series of groundbreaking albums, many with an experimental edge. The label attracted a group of likeminded musicians, who supported eachother, but was 'non-standardized' in its production values. Haruomi Hosono's position in the Japanese music world has often been that of a mentor to other musicians, with an unparalleled breadth of collaborative production. In 1984 he lauched a multi-media series of Non-Standard books, Non-Standard Music and Monad Music. Non-Standard also impilied a spirit of a new science, naturalism in a hi-tech society. There were essentially two sides to the label. One was of techno pop, including a blend of techno pop with funk and hip hop, through his act F.O.E. The other was ambient and a hybrid of ambient with commercial background music (BGM) (through Monad) to bring the ambient music developed by Brian Eno to a global level. For Hosono, ambient was a mixture of technology and shamanism. At any rate it was an incredibly creative period, introducing a range or artists and musicians whose influence permeated well into the 1990s pop scene. These include Sohichiro Suzuki (World Standard) Miharu Koshi, Urban Dance, Friends of Earth (F.O.E.) Shi-Shonen and Pizzicato Five. Includes previously unreleased outtakes from SFX (Hosono) (CD3 T.8 Akuma no Hatsume and CD4 T. 13, Hokkyoku) and demo tracks by Pizzicato Five. Should appeal to Hosono, techno pop and ambient fans past and present. Includes interviews with all the artists. All tracks remastered, with selection and supervision by Sohichiro Suziki.
1. Go Aisatsu - Masato Ibu (from promotional cassette) 2. Non-Standard Mixture - Haruomi Hosono (from Making of Non-Standard Music) 3. Marie-Ange - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 4. Attends Ou Vas-T'en - Mikado (from Mikado) 5. Boy Meets Girl - Pizzicato Five (from Pizzicatomania!) 6. Figuroj De Juneco - World Standard (from World Standard) 7. Water of Palingensis - Shi-Shonen (from Singing Circuit) 8. Hammer - Urban Dance (from Urban Dance) 9. Naufrage En Hiver - Mikado (from Mikado) 10. Androgena - Haruomi Hosono (from S-F-X) 11. Heidenroslein - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 12. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Clubmix '87- Bitter End) - Pizzicato Five (from Pizzicatomania!) 13. Medium Composition 2 - Haruomi Hosono (from Making of Non-Standard Music) 14. Pasio - World Standard (from Double Happiness) 15. Lovely Singin' Circuit - Shi-Shonen (from Singing Circuit) 16. Right Place, Wrong Time - Friends of Earth - featuring Haruomi Hosono (from Sex, Energy & Star) 17. Remaking of Non-Standard Music - Urban Dance (from Urban Dance)

1. 3.6.9. - Haruomi Hosono (from Making of Non-Standard Music) 2. Likvoro El Leontodo - World Standard (from World Standard) 3. Bara no Emillia - Urban Dance (from Two Half) 4. 2001 Lovers - Shi-Shonen (from 2001 Lovers) 5. Dance Hall - Friends of Earth (from Decline of O.T.T.) 6. Body Snatchers (Japanese Version) - Haruomi Hosono (from S-F-X, Analogue) 7. Action Painting (29th Sept. 1985 Mix) 8. Si Tu M'Aimes - Mikado (from Mikado) 9. Hashire Usagi - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 10. Hitomkoma no Ame (I'm on Your Side) - Urban Dance (from Urban Dance) 11. Teami no Tenshi - Shi-Shonen (from Do Do Do) 12. Let's Go Away for a While - Pizzicato Five (Pizzicatomania!) 13. La Pagaj - World Standard (from Double Happiness) 14. Go-Kai Me no Kiss - Shi-Shonen (from Do Do Do) 15. Interlude - Masato Ibu (from promotion cassette) 16. TV-CM - Pal Sweet Slim - Mikado (1984 TV commercial)


1. Strange Love - Fonk Version, Alternative Mix - Friends of Earth (from Friend or Foe?) 2. Carnaval - Mikado (from Carnaval) 3. September Song (Manufacture Mix) - Pizzicato Five (from Pizzicatomania!) 4. Subete wa Himitsu no Yoru - Urban Dance (from Urban Dance) 5. Lip Schutz - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 6. Muzika Trajno - World Standard (from World Standard) 7. Kare to Koinu to Watashi - Shi-Shonen (from 2001 Lovers) 8. Akuma no Hatsumei - Haruomi Hosono (S-F-X outtake) 9. Ceramic Love - Urban Dance (from Urban Dance) 10. The Audrey Hepburn Complex (Billy Wilder Mix) - Pizzicato Five (from Pizzicatomania!) 11. Mia Sortolino - World Standard (from World Standard) 12. Ave Maria - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 13. Dark Side of the Star - Haruomi Hosono (from S-F-X) 14. Sex Machine - James Brown & F.O.E. (Single A Side) 15. Sex Machine (Instrumental) - James Brown & F.O.E. (Single B Side)


1. La Fille Du Soleil (Taiyo no Duo) - Mikado (from Carnation) 2. Mademoiselle Juju - Miharu Koshi (from Boy Soprano) 3. S-F-X - Haruomi Hosono (from S-F-X) 4. Camp - Urban Dance (from Two Half) 5. Bye-Bye Yuppie Boy - Shi-Shonen (from Singing Circuit) 6. Taiyo wa Oshiete Kurenai - World Standard (from Allo!) 7. What's New Pizzicato? - Pizzicato Five (from Pizzicatomania!) 8. Vacances - Pizzicato Five (from Demo Tape) 9. Algonquin Hotel - Pizzicato Five (from Demo Tape) 10. Dobutsuen no Wani - Pizzicato Five (from Demo Tape) 11. Kitchen Music - World Standard (1984 Roppongi Wave Tape Audition) 12. Alternative 3 - Haruomi Hosono (from S-F-X) 13. Hokkyoku - Haruomi Hosono (S-F-X outtake) 14. Hitomi wa Sunset Glow - Shi-Shonen (from Do Do Do) 15. Camera Opuscula - Urban Dance (from Two Half) 16. La Suna Kaj Dalio - World Standard (from World Standard)