Nippon no Hito (Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

Nippon no Hito (Vinyl) (Limited Edition)

Product Description

Vinyl editiion, originally released in 1991. HIS (Hosono, Imawano, Sakamoto) were a trio featuring Haruomi Hosono, Kiyoshiro Imawano and Fuyumi Sakamoto. This album came out at the height of the 'world music' boom in Japan and was a kind of take by three famous musicians, (Hosono is best known as a member of YMO and Imawano with RC Succession) on what is Japanese music in the context of the wider world. There's a lot of humour involved with their 'ondo' version of Purple Haze and on other tracks, mostly perfromed acoustically. They got together to perform again in 2006 and orginally emerged from a different version of the trio without Hosono, called SMI. Watch video of Yozora no Chikai with interview.

1. HIS Theme 2. Purple Haze (Ondo) 3. Yozora No Chikai 4. Aitakute Aitakute 5. Wataridori 6. 500 Miles 7. Koibito Wa Inai 8. Oyasumi Mousugu Aeru 9. Ski Ski (Suki Nano) 10. Ritmo De Chunga 11. Young Bee 12. Therapy 13. And I Love Her 14. Nippon No Hito

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