Nijiiro no Fanfare

Nijiiro no Fanfare

Product Description

Following the death of Edo Akemi of the band Jagatara, other members had got together on different occasions, usually at memorial events. At Tokyo Soy Source event in Tokyo in March 2019, Jagatara2020 were formed and released a single of two tracks, the first recordings of Jagatara for thirty years. Both were composed by OTO. Minnatachi no Fanfare is like a celebration song while Reiwa Nan no Kocchai Ondo mixes funk and Japanese ondo with elements of Afrobeat. The other tracks on this album were selected by Oto and include a 1988 unreleased live recording of Love Rap (a favourite of Akemi) a 1989 unreleased live recording of Pussy Doctor, from the 1983 EP Kazuku Hyakkei, an unreleased live recording of Heisei Nan no Kocchai Ondo and two karaoke versions of the two new songs.
1. Minnatachi no Fanfare
2. Reiwa Nan no Kocchai Ondo
3. Love Rap (Live 1988, unreleased)
4. Pussy Doctor (Live 1989, unreleased)
5. Heisei no Nan no Kocchai Ondo (Live 1989, unreleased)
6. Minnatachi no Fanfare (karaoke)
7. Reiwa Nan no Kocchai Ondo (karaoke)