Nihon No Jazz - Samurai Spirit

Nihon No Jazz - Samurai Spirit

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Known for thier effervescent 'Samurai Jazz' PE'Z was formed in 1999 by Ohyama BMW Wataru. They soon gained a reputation for their energetic live shows, released a few albums on an indie label before being snapped up by a major. They went on to win a few awards and achieved the rare feat of getting an instrumental album into the national Top 10. They toured and had their previous album released to much acclaim in Europe. This is probably their best to date though, dynamic versions of quintessentially Japanese tunes. Enka, minyo, old popular, children's songs and the theme tune to Akira Kurosawa's film 'Yojimbo' are all given the Pe'z samurai jazz treatment. 1.Yojimbo 2.Rinken no Michi 3.Ginza Kankan Musume 4.Yukiguni 5.Dontaku 6.Omocha no Cha Cha Cha 7.Soran Bushi 8.Tomodachi 9.Koharu Obasan 10.Hana 11.Mizuiro no Ame 12.Mata Au Himade