Neon Dark

Neon Dark

Product Description

Krom are a band from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, who play a kind of blend of traditional Khmer with a delta blues sound. The band features songwriter, guitarist, vocalist Christopher Minko with Khmer vocalsits and sisters, Sophea and Sopheak Chamroeun, with help from including Jimmy 'B' on slide guitar. Neon Dark, the band's second album, is a 12 song, bilingual album, in English and Khmer. 10 of the songs are originals written by Christopher Minko, working with co-writer and vocalist, Sophea Chamroeun. Two of the tracks feature the master of Mekong Delta Blues Kong Nay, on chapei and vocals, along with vocalists Sophea Chamroeun and Sopheak Chamroeun. The album is produced by Sarin Chhuon. Listen to samples of all tracks.
1. Creation of Krom (feat. Master Kong Nay) 2. The Haunted 3. Rain 4. Passion 5. 7 Years Old 6. Night Moods 7. The Wire 8. Fractured Fragrance 9. Sadness 10. Life and Music 11. Down Sukhumvit Road 12. Dancing With Krom (feat. Master Kong Nay)

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