Namban Torai (LP Vinyl)

Namban Torai (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

In January 2020, it's thirty years since the sudden death of legendary Japanese band Jagatara's leader and vocalist Edo Akemi. To commemorate this, two Jagatara albums are released on vinyl as well as a Jagatara2020 event in Tokyo with surviving members of the band. Jagatara were pioneers of several genres, mixing rock witth, punk, funk, reggae and Afrobeat.They collaborated with a range of artists from Japan and overseas including John Zorn, Mahotella Queens and Mute Beat. After Akemi died in 1990, the group disbanded.
This was Jagatara's first album from 1982 (released as Ankokutairiku Jagatara) from the band's own label, an extraordinary mix of punk, Afrobeat and other styles. Nearest reference points might be Talking Heads or Richard Hell meets Fela. Highly acclaimed at the time, the front cover had changed on several occasions, but this vinyl release is the original cover.
Side A
1. Demo Demo Demo
2. Kisetsu no Owari
3. Baby
4. Tango

Side B
1. Agitation
2. Vagina F**K
3. Fade Out
4. Kuninamashe

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