Nagauta- Sarashime (Omi no Okane), Asazuma Bune

Nagauta- Sarashime (Omi no Okane), Asazuma Bune

Product Description

Sarashime (the cloth bleaching girl) is a kabuki dance about Okane, a strong girl from Lake Biwa who can stop horses with one hand and hold a bucket in the other. In the first section of the dance she subdues a horses, while the next, romantic section, is about love and the eight famous views of Omi prefecture. The dance ends with a lively festival dance and a fight in which Okane defeats a group of fishermen. In Asazuma Bune, a court noble performs a dance of love between a Chinese emperor and his lover, which changes to a hand dance, a hand-drum dance, with the tempo increased to the beat of a bell and drum. This dance is very cleverly and seamlessly executed and the music also goes through many changes.