My Neighbor Masala (Original Soundtrack)

My Neighbor Masala (Original Soundtrack)

Product Description

Soundtrack to a TV drama set in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Pascals are a 14 piece group, under the leadership of Rocket Matsu, playing various acoustic instruments, and have gained some attention overseas having played at WOMAD in the UK and other festivals. Dedicated to the Pascals member, cellist Miki Kota who died last year.

1. Tonari no Masala (Theme A)
2. Mizo
3. After the Last Train
4. Zig Zag
5. Toi Koe
6. Kikyu
7. Tobira no Muko
8. Omoide
9. Ikoku no Janaku
10. Tonari no Masala (Theme B)
11. Strange Island
12. Nakushita Jikan
13. Kioku
14. Chotari ni Tsudoi
15. Kokyu
16. Chichi no Senaka
17. Tonari no Masala (Theme)