Musika - Malaya's Early Music Scene - 1900 -1965 (Book)

Musika - Malaya's Early Music Scene - 1900 -1965 (Book)

Product Description

Paperback, 255 pages, English and Malay. A4 size.
Parallel to the developments of the Jazz and Blues music in the US towards the end of the 19th century, Malay’s music in that period was experiencing its vast evolvement of diversity through the Bangsawan opera’s golden era. Shifting gradually with the insertion of modern musical instruments within the opera’s orchestra, had simultaneously produced talented and well played musicians in the Malay World. Thus, the origin of Malay’s popular music could often be traced back through its many musicians that developed since the early 20th century.

This book entitled MUSIKA - Malaya’s Early Music Scene will take us to rediscover the groundbreaking artistes that had helped to shape the Malay musical heritage within the last century. Biographical pages of the artist in chronological order includes musicians, composers, bandleaders and singers portraying their early lives and struggles throughout the years.

The MUSIKA - Malaya’s Early Music Scene is the first compilation of the Malaya’s Early Musician reference volume which cater to anyone who fancy Malaya’s music history from the 1900s to 1965.

Azlan M. Said / Author, Edited by Juffri Supa'at