Music of the Ruan Zien, Shong Ruan and Da Ruan

Music of the Ruan Zien, Shong Ruan and Da Ruan

Product Description

The Ruanxien, Zhuong Ruan and Da Ruan are all Chinese plucked string instruments. All have undergone various developments though the centuries, and this CD represents the top level of performance of the current state of the tradition by two wonderful musicians. The repertroire draws from new arrangements by the performers and to new compositions. Fei Jianrong is considered to be a virtuoso player of many types of plucked instruments. A virtual professional since the age of ten, she has won numerous prizes and scholorships and is also regarded as an important contemporary composer. She has performed in Australia and throughout Asia and in Japan is a member of a group, led by renowned Japanese composer Yoshiyuki Kozu. An Qundi from Dalian is best known for developing the daruan into a large fretless instrument suitable for solo performances. On this recording she demonstrates her prowess and how she has succeeded in this. The music on this CD is played with the extraordinary technique that Chinese classical demands and with the expression of two master musicians.