Music of the Erhu and The Bowed Stringed Instruments

Music of the Erhu and The Bowed Stringed Instruments

Product Description

Liu Mingyuan was one of the greatest performers ever of Chinese traditional music. He specialised in the erhu, the two stringed Chinese violin and other bowed instruments. He passed away in 1996, but the recordings presented here have been preserved and presented for the first time to the world outside of China. Within China, he was a household name, and was credited with helping to popularise the erhu in the latter half of this century. As well as the erhu, he plays on this recording other bowed lutes, known generically as the huqin, such as the banhu. The pieces range from folk songs from northeastern and other areas of China, to Romanian (he was the first player to arrange non-Chinese music for Chinese instruments) and Beijing Opera.This CD is a treasured legacy to one of the greatest ever Chinese traditional musicians, a tribute to his tremendous prowess and contribution to Chinese music.