Music of Thailand (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Music of Thailand (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Product Description

Originally released in 1959. More fascinating recordings of traditions and folk songs from a different Thailand to the one we know today. Some of these sound similar in style to what you might hear today, while others are like anything. Fantastic liner notes give amazing background to music that was described in 1959 as 'rapidly dying out'. Probably some of it did, but you can hear it here.
A Custom CD is a high-quality CD-R which is produced at Smithsonian Folkways. A Custom CD is a mixed mode disc (also known as an Enhanced CD/CD Extra/CD Plus). A mixed mode disc contains both audio (for CD audio players) and data (readable on other devices, like PCs). Custom titles are sold with a digital copy of the album's original liner notes (as a .PDF file) on the CD.
1.Suksanaen 2. Can Solo 3. Song 4. Girl's Song 5. Chakay and Ching (Instrumental) 6. Phlengchoi (Repartee Singing) 7.Folksong (North Thailand) 8. Pamahei (Classical Style) 9. Rotchanasangtaung (Percussion Orchestra) 10. Festive Music 11. Phrayasok 12. Laoduangdoen 13. Chatree (South Thailand) 14. Khmensayok (Instrumental Group) 15. Angtalung (South Thailand) 16. Reed Orchestra (North Thailand)