Music for Zen Meditation - Shakuhachi Japanese Flute

Music for Zen Meditation - Shakuhachi Japanese Flute

Product Description

New album from the Argentine born, Spanish shakuhachi player. Rodrigo studied shakuhachi in Japan under Kakizakai Kaoru and has performed around the world. On Music for Zen Meditation, he plays famous traditional pieces such as Shika no Tone and Tsuru no Sugomori and his own compositions. Beautifully played and recorded with occasional water sounds to enhance the experience.
1. Shika No Tone: The Distant Call Of The Deer 2. Sanya: Mountain Valley 3. Bright Pearl 4. Tears in Rain 5. Mountain Child 6. Within Forest Twilight 7. Kumoi Jishi: Cloud Lion 8. Upon This Earth 9. Hitomi: Eyes 10. In The Stream 11. Kinhin: Walking Zen 12. Komoro Mago Uta: A Pack-Horse Driver's Song Of Komoro 13. Tsuru No Sugomori: The Cranes Nesting 14. Akita Sugagaki: The Wind In The Reeds