Music Meme 4 C-Ya Tracks CD + DVD

Music Meme 4 C-Ya Tracks CD + DVD

Product Description

Yann Tomita is known as the first professional steel drum player in Japan and as a pioneering electronic 'exotica' artist who organized the 'Audio Science Labo'. He has produced / arranged / remixed / composed for many top Japanese groups including Bo Gumbos, Boredoms, The Boom, Geisha Girls, Seiko Ito, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Kan Takagi, and also Martin Denny. While he has played steel drums for Ryuichi Sakamoto, Pizzicato Five, Snakeman Show, Ippudo, Jagatara, Fair Child, Salon Music and Rankin Taxi. The CD on this collection is 'Yann Tomita Works Compilation' while the DVD is a live show 'Yann Tomita, Doopees & Naives at Kamakura Myohonji' from 2006. CD is of 11 tracks including Forever Young - Naivess, C-Ya! - Yann Tomita, I'm in the rain - Kahimi Karie, C-Ya! - Memories of Tape Recorder - Yann Tomita, See Ya! #1 - Dr. Yann, Forever Yann - Yann Tomita. The DVD features Yann Tomita (seree modular system), Yumiko Ono (violin), Seiko Ito (tambura & voice), Kan Takagi (swarsangam & voice)
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