Moon Over City Ruins (180g Vinyl LP) (SALE)

Moon Over City Ruins (180g Vinyl LP)  (SALE)

Product Description

SALE! Was £49.99 now £29.99. The origin of much Japanese traditional music lies in China, dating back to the 14th century. On this album, long lost cousins are reunited to perform Japanese traditional (hogaku) and Chinese folk (minyue). Mao Ya plays guzheng and other Chinese instruments and is accompanied by shakuhachi, biwa, taiko, all instruments that originated in China.

Side A
1. Sakura (with Shozan Hasegawa)
2. Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (with Koki Sato)
3. Xishumeilin - The Purplish Red (with Shozan Hasegawa)
4. Soran Bushi (with Koki Sato)
5. Rainy Day (with Shozan Hasegawa)
6. Improvised Taiko (with Masashi Itohara)
Side B
1. Picking Reed Flowers
2. Nasu no Yoichi (with Reiko Fujitaka)
3. Nothing in Mind (with Jin Ray)
4. Boxwood Carrying Pole (with Shozan Hasegawa)
5. Moonlight over the City Ruins (with Shozan Hasegawa)