Mo Ashibi

Mo Ashibi

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Following the success of their first album, Ryukyu Underground release their much anticipated follow up. In contrast to their first album, which sampled many traditional recordings on local labels, this time around Jon and Keith were keen to cooperate and interact with Okinawan musicians in laying down the basic tracks. Despite his young age, Toru Yoneha is one of Okinawa's top players, much in demand as a session musician of the sanshin, the three stringed snake skinned banjo at the heart of Okinawan traditional music. In female singer Mika Uchizato, they have unearthed a real new talent. It's Mika's beautiful voice that is heard on the opening track 'Hana' originally recorded by legend Shokichi Kina, and one of Okinawa's best known songs around the world. 'Koi no Michi Kusa', features Mika over a heavy dub backing, a sound that has become one of the trademarks of Ryukyu Underground. Elsewhere Kuiji nu Hana is set to an infectious bossa nova/samba rhythm, Sefa Utaki has a laid back ambient drum 'n' bass feel, while Kanasando is in a downtempo lounge style.