Miyako no Haru

Miyako no Haru

Product Description

Part of the archive reissue noiseless CD series whereby noise on the original analogue master tapes has been removed through a digital process. Keisho Imai (1871-1947) was a leading koto player of the Yamada school. Founded at the end of the 18th century, by Kengyo Yamada, borrowing from narrative shamisen forms, the Yamada school developed a style where the voice line became more dominant. Keisho Imai is considered one of the greatest ever exponents of this style. 1. Miyako no Haru : Keisho Imai, Keiko Imai (vocals/koto), Kinichi Nakanoshima (sangen), Wado Seki (shakuhachi) -1931 2. Kogou no Kyoku : Keisho Imai, Keiko Imai (vocals /koto), Shoetsu Ito (sangen), Judo Notomi (shakuhachi) - 1931 3. Shofu : Keisho Imai (koto), Keiko Imai (vocals /koto), Kinichi Nakanoshima (sangen), Judo Notomi (shakuhachi) - 1933 4. Kikusui : song & koto by Keisho Imai, Keiko Imai, sangen by Shoetsu Ito - 1932