Miraculous Resonances - The Koto Legend Kimio Eto (2 CDs) (English notes enclosed)

Miraculous Resonances - The Koto Legend Kimio Eto (2 CDs) (English notes enclosed)

Product Description

Brilliant retropsective album from a true legend of Japanese traditional music. Kimio Eto (1924-2012) did much to popularise koto in Japan and around the world. This CD is compiled from master tapes discovered after he died, and reveals his trajectory as a musician. Includes 52 page booklet, including in English, with track notes and life story. Born in Oita prefecture in 1924, he became blind at the age of five. He began playing koto from the age of eight and studied under the great Michio Miyagi. He began composing when he eleven and by the age of sixteen had already won awards for his compositions and performance. In 1953 he went to the United States to help popularize the koto in the western world. He gained permanent residency in 1958, and released two albums, Koto Music and Koto Master. He went on to record other albums, including Koto & Flute with Bud Shank, performed at the Carnegie Hall, collaborated with Henry Cowell and the Philadephia Orchestra, and performed extensively in Japan too including the Budokan, National Theatre and other prestigious venues. He suffered partial paralysis from 1995, and died on 24th December 2012. This album includes live recordings from Carnegie Hall in 1961, Tokyo's National Theatre in 1968 and studio recordings at Victor Aoyama Studio in 1982. His sons are the famous taiko player Leonard Eto and percussionist Steve Eto.
1. Seoto 2. Haru No Umi 3. Sarashi-fu Tegoto 4. Aki No Shirabe 5. Mizu No Hentai 6. Godan-ginuta 7. Rokudan
1. Yuki No Genso (Snow Fantasy) 2. Choryu (Tide) 3. Kensetsu No Hibiki (Sound Of Construction) 4. Gunkan Machi (Battleship March) 5. Sakura For Solo Koto 6. Kibo No Kyoku (Piece For Hope) 7. Haru No Sugata (The Shape Of Spring) 8. Duet For Koto And Shakuhachi 9. Variations On Kojo No Tsuki (Moon Over The Deserted Castle) 10. Kagayakeru Mirai Ni Yosete (For A Radiant Future)