Mhwe Lo Ma Wa Lo

Mhwe Lo Ma Wa Lo

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Thxa Soe is a Burmese hip-hop musician, known for blending Myanmar folk songs with electronic music. He started performing in 2006, his music partly inspired from studying in London in 2001. He was the subject of much attention from the Western media, especially as he is a fluent English speaker. This is one of his most popular albums that came out in 2009. In 2012 he decided to quit the music scene, citing music piracy as the main reason.
1. Pimp My Village 2. 2009 Sar Oot Who Called Village Girl 3. Talk! 4. Unknown 5. My Greatest Son 6. They are Coming 7. Ddthagiri Remix 8. Only 16 Teen Angel 9. The Theme of Bus Car 10. Unknown 11. The Theme of Bus Car (remix)