Mexico - Fiestas of Chapas and Oaxaca

Mexico - Fiestas of Chapas and Oaxaca

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Recorded in 1976. The city of Oaxaca lies in the central highlands of the state of Oaxaca. There is always music here, from brass ensembles, marimba bands, mariachi groups, blind singers and guitarists, dance tunes for flute and drum, festival dances and more. Chiapas is the most predominantly Indian state in Mexico.
1. Son Sventa N’ahual San Lorenzo 2. El Chinito 3. Bats’i Son Martomail 4. La Jota 5. Son Sventa Ch’ul Na 6. Valse Chiapañecas 7. K’in Sventa Ch’ul Me’tik Kwadulupe 8. Son Sventa Cajvaltic 9. Christmas in Oaxaca 10. Ñuoco 11. Son Alegre 12. Carreta de flores 13. Cantares de mi tierra 14. Danza de la Malincha