Memories - Jia Peng Fang Best

Memories - Jia Peng Fang Best

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Jia Peng Fang started playing the Chinese erhu ( 2 stringed bowed violin) from the age of 8. He studied at the Central Music Academy's Folk Music Department in Beijing before he moved to Japan in 1988. where he teaches and plays with musicians from the Japanese pop, jazz and classical music worlds, plays on TV commercials and film soundtracks. He has also performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York. His music is a blend of Chinese and Western music, backed by synthesizers into a kind of New Age style. 12 tracks including newly released versions. 1. Sirious (from Faraway) 2. Silent Moon (from River) 3. Sweet Dreams (from Rainbow) 4. A Water Lilly (from Faraway) 5. Rainbow (from Rainbow) 6. Pure (from Faraway) 7. Bokyo 8. Xinglin Hupan (from River) 9. Shichahai in the Morning (from River) 10. Mirage of the Fall (from River) 11. Memory of Childhood (from Rainbow) 12. Silent Moon (Studio Live Version).