Matsurinchu Eisa 1

Matsurinchu Eisa 1

Product Description

During the three day O-bon festival in August, families invite their anscestor's spirits to visit them in the living world. In Okinawa, eisa dance is traditionally performed on the third day when the spirits depart. The dance is spectacular to watch with the beating of paranku (small frame drums), joyous shouts and whistles, while the performers wear colourful costumes. With the establishment of competitions, eisa changed from being danced in local communities during obon, to being performed in front of spectators. Groups were formed from different areas to participate in the competitions, all with their own identities. This DVD features various eisa groups plus some kacharsee (folk dance). The groups are, Okinawa City (Koza) Noborikawa Seinenkai, Okinawa City Kamara Seinenkai, Okinawa City Sumiyoshi Seinenkai, Ginowan Ganeko Seinenkai, Okinawa City Matsumoto Seinenkai, Okinawa City Moromizato Seinenkai. Filmed during summer 2007.