Matsuken Samba 2 Remix Tracks

Matsuken Samba 2 Remix Tracks

Product Description

For 25 years Ken Matsudaira starred as an 18th century samurai in the TV programme 'The Violent Shogun'. It therefore came as a bit of a shock when he appeared in a glittering gold and purple kimono, singing a delightfully kitsch samba tune called Matsuken Samba, complete with shouts of 'Ole!', 'Viva!' 'Amigo!' 'Senorita'! dancing the samba, and still with that samurai hair cut. Matsuken Samba has become a massive hit in Japan, with Ken Matsudaira one of the stars at the 2004/05 Kohaku New Year's Eve TV show. This CD/DVD features 6 mixes of Matsuken Samba, plus 6 instrumentals of those mixes. From jazzy breakbeats, trippy jazz, a fabulous Jazztronik mix, the Shogun mix, reggae mix, to the high energy carnival mix by Yukihiro Fukutomi, it's all delightfully over the top tongue in cheek fun. DVD has a promo video, Matsuken live in Tokyo and a tutorial so you can dance the Matsuken samba yourself.