Marianne no Koukotsu (Marianne's Ecstasy)

Marianne no Koukotsu (Marianne's Ecstasy)

Product Description

Formed in 2007, Kinoco Hotel, hark back to the GS glory days of the sixties. They are four female musicians Marianne Shinonome (vo, organ), Isabel Keme Kamogawa (guitar), Emannuel Kominato (bass) and Fabianne Inawashiro (drums). Their first album became a hit with cool groovsters in Tokyo, looking for something a little bit different and a lot more stylish than your average j-pop stars, and have become favourites at Japan's music festivals, including Rising Sun in 2010. Also influenced by progressive rock, new wave, techno pop, as well as kayo-kyoku of Showa and 60's garage music.
1. Kinoco Hotel Shoka II 2. Shiroi Heya 3. Hijonaru Yoake 4. Kiken na Uwasa (Shukujo Version) 5. Fuukei 6. Kinoko no Toriko 7. Ningyo no Koi 8. Kouya e 9. Aijin Kyohan Sekai 10. Marianne no Koukotsu