Mansudae Art Troupe 82 - Jo Il Ryong’s Composition 2

Mansudae Art Troupe 82 - Jo Il Ryongs Composition 2

Product Description

Selection of songs, solo, duet and chorus.
1. Female Solo, Thae Yong Suk / They Whisper to Me 2. Male Solo, Ri Ho / Let’s Never Forget the Youth’s Feats 3. Male Solo & Female Pangchang Kim Sung Yon / Oh the Road of My Home 4. Female Duet & Pangchng Om Yong Ae, Kang Jong Ae / Let’s Take Pride in Exceeding a Day’s Assignment 5. Female Solo & Ensemble Thae Yong Suk / Be Duitiful and Faithful Children 6. Male Solo & Female Solo /Though This Night on the Outpost Advances 7. Male Ensemble / The Victory of Socialism Is Approaching 8. Female Solo, Jon Gyong Ran, Chuk Bok / You Are Joy to All the Country 9. Male Ensemble / Let’s Advance, Following the Torch of Ranam 10. Female Duet / Choe Gum Suk, Ri Yong Hui / Oh the Ryongak, a Celebrated Mountain in Pyongyang 11. Mixed Duet with Small Chorus Ri Jong Ae, Choe Ui Ju / Festival Waltz 12. Chorus / Just Give Us Order
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