METAATEM Deluxe Edition (CD + Blu-ray)

METAATEM Deluxe Edition (CD + Blu-ray)

Product Description

Released September 2022 after bring postponed from 2021. Second album from the 'super group' of Yukihiro Takahashi x Keigo Oyamada x Yoshinori Sunahara x Tomohiko Gondo x Leo Imai. The first album 'Meta' was released in 2016, and came out to much critical acclaim. They also toured in Japan that same year. This new album includes the digital only single Kankyo to Shinri, that came out in July 2020 and topped the iTunes alternative chart. The deluxe edition comes with Blu-ray of the 2016 Zepp Diver City live.

1. Full Metallisch
2. The Paramedics
3. By The End Of The World
4. Ain’t No Fun
5. Kankyo to Shinri
6. May Day
7. Wife
8. The Haunted
9. In Sorrow
10. Snappy
11. Communicator
12. See You Again


Winter Live 2016 at Zepp Diver City.