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In October 2000, the Boom released their ninth studio album, 'Lovibe'. Lovibe is probably a more simple affair than the Boom's previous few albums, but once again includes a variety of styles and sounds and some of their strongest ever material. Opening with the sound of a motorbike, the album launches into the rocking and soulful 'I'm in Love with You'. This is followed by the calypso / club feel of 'Kodomo no Yoni', and the light rap of the single cut 'Itsumo to Chigao Basho de'. 'Bossa Nova Swing' adds a club feel to Brazilian bossa nova and is one of Lovibe's standout tracks. In contrast, the album also contains some of songwriter and leader Kazufumi Miyazawa's renowned ballads, such as 'Natsu ga Tomaru' and 'Kuchibue ga Fukenai'. The group show yet another side of their music on the upbeat folk number 'Soko ga Boku no Furasato'. 'I Don't Wanna Say No', combines a light sitar groove with a melodic and powerful chorus, typical of the unusual mixtures the Boom are known for. Probably the music to most influence Kazufumi Miyazawa over recent years has been Brazilian and Latin music, these influences present on various tracks such as the final 'Ten ni Noboru Yona Kimochi'.