Live in Turtle Island (x3 LP Vinyl)

Live in Turtle Island (x3 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Formed in 1999 in Toyota City, by Yoshiki Nagayama (vocals), Hiroshi Tsuzuki (tabla) and Ko Yamaguchi (drums). Nne piece band who combine Japanese festival rhythms with distorted guitar, Indian and Korean traditional music with punk rock attitude and sound. They have performed at major festivals in Japan and overseas. Live album recorded at Kobe XEBEC Hall, without audience, but intended to create the exact 'live' sound of Turtle Island. New and previous material, with a different ambience to their studio albums, mixed by dub master Naoyuki Uchida. This is a limited edition, x3 180g vinyl set with special silver printing cover, 7 inch size 54 page booklet.

Side A.
1. Crossing Borders
2. Yaisama
3. Jidai Choubu - Dance Beyond Times 4

Side B
1. Saint and Villains
2. Paglan Dorang

Side C
1. Survivor
2. Ana-Aki Ondo
3. Madarade Odore - Dance in Dapple

Side D

1 Self Navigation
2. Center of the Universe
3. Syrekoube - Skelton

Side E
1. Nu Arirang
2. Kalakala Kankan (New. Version)

Side F
1. Hymn of the Present Life
2. On Their Own Paths