Life is Treasure

Life is Treasure

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Sometimes a musician isn't appreciated enough in the here and now. Only in retrospect some 20 years or so later is a body of work seen as being for what it is; seminal, important, paving the way for others. I wonder if Kanako Horiuchi might fit into this category, if for nothing else than for drifting seamlessly between traditional music, club, ska, Thai and African music to name just some of the albums and collaborations she's been involved in. It never feels she is just a guest, or has been shoehorned into a project, but an integral part. Mixing club and Okinawan music is nothing new. But this albums manages to sound just that. Credit must go to DJ Sinkichi and DJ-Nuh-Doh. DJ Sinkichi is no no new kid on the block, having cut his teeth with members of Boredoms going back to the 1990s, and being involved in a multitude of projects from the jam band Dachambo and working with JAKAM and the Counterpoint label. DJ Nu-Doh is another veteran of the club scene in Japan and Okinawa with a host of credits to his name such as working with another of our favourites, Juza aka Moochy and his label Proception. A variety of sounds, moods and styles make this an exceptional album.
1. Hanaumui (Psychedelic Nice Age Mix) 2. Haimuru Bushi 3. Jidai no Nagare (2017 Mix) 4. Kajadeifu Bushi (Robbery Blues Mix) 5. Kashimasa Bushi (Pray Mix) 6. Torisashimai 7. Salt-N-Pa-Pa (Harii Mix) 8. Mo'ashibi