Le Pollen - Le Concert Legendaire 1982

Le Pollen - Le Concert Legendaire 1982

Product Description

Legendary concert as the title says, from 1982 at the Shiba Yubin Chokin Hall. Produced by Naoki Tachibana, who invited Pierre Barouh to Japan. The album Le Pollen was recorded in July 1982 in Tokyo and featured a cast of about twenty musicians, all fans and influenced, by Barouh, that included Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yasuaki Shimizu, Keiich Suzukii, David Sylvian and Kazuhiko Kato. In October, a concert was arranged featuring the recording members. A concert was held in Paris the following year, which was released on CD, but the recording of the firstTokyo concert was thought to be lost until Naoki Tachikawa's office unearthed one after forty years. Mastered by Seigen Ono. Features tracks from Le Pollen plus additional tunes.

1. De L`amour A L`amour
2. Decroche-moi La Terre
3. 80 A.b
4. Plus Fort Que Nous
5. Pepe
6. Le Pollen
7. Parenthese
8. Perdu
9. L`autre Rive
10. Ca Va. Ca Vient
11. Killy
12. Samba Saravah
13. Boule Qui Roule