Las Musicas de Japon

Las Musicas de Japon

Product Description

Compiled by Far Side Music's Paul Fisher for a festival in Pamplona, Spain in 2002. Modesty prevents us from critical comment, suffice to say it features 13 artists, from the cream of the Japan and Okinawa roots music scenes, and several of our best selling artists. Included are the Okinawan/Brazilian mix of Miyazawa, young shamisen player Masahiro Nitta, Ainu musician Oki, Japanese female punky Okinawan folk duo Shisars, Okinawan maestro Takashi Hirayasu, grandfather of Okinawan music Seijin Noborikawa and more. Comes with book (as opposed to booklet) sized notes, trouble is you have to read Spanish to understand them, but you can read them here.