Lam Phloen Phumphuang Duanchan

Lam Phloen Phumphuang Duanchan

Product Description

Originally released in 1985, album produced by Doi Inthanon. Phumphuang who died in 1992, aged 30, was considered the 'Queen of Country Music'. She was from a poor farming family in central Thailand, and after winning many local singing competitions, eventually became the biggest star of lukthung, especially popular with the migrant workers in Bangkok. This album contains seven lukthung and three morlam songs. Comes with English liner notes in a 28 page booklet.
1. Diao Don Any Time Now 2. Let’s Leave It Once and For All 3. The Voice from the Countryside 4. The Koel Tells the Sad Tale of Parting 5. Lam Phloen Phumphuang Duangchan 6. Lam Phloen Let Me Be Your Lover 7. Lam Phloen I Will Wait by the Mun River 8. You Are So Handsome 9. Words that Disappeared on the Breeze 10. Big City Beast