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The accordion is perhaps the most quintessential of all French instruments, associated with smoke filled French cafés and dance halls. It was popular after both the first and second world wars.
Accordion players incorporated jazz, swing, tango, polka and other styles in 'bal musette populaire'. By the late 1940s, bal musette stars became household names, Edif Piaf beginning her career in the bal musette dance halls, and through the 1950s, the accordion became the sound of France both at home and abroad.

Daniel Colin is probably France's greatest living exponent of the French accordion. L'Anniversaire is his first solo album for ten years, and is released to mark his 80th birthday, and is a collection of his favourite tunes.

He began learning accordion aged six, and over a long and varied career recorded nearly 80 albums and 20 singles. By the late 1960s, the accordion had fallen out of favour, associated with a bygone era. It was partly due to the development of the 'world music' scene towards the end of the 1980s, that accordion and musette was revitalised, as a representative of French culture and

Colin began an association with Japan from 1994, that continues to this day, this album being recorded for a Japanese record company, as were previous albums and contributions. He had considered the album Mon Coeuer est Un Accordion, released in 2011, to be possibly his last of its kind. However it was the enthusiasm of his regular musical collaborators, especially guitarist, arranger and artistic producer of this album, Dominique Cravic, that persuaded him to go back into the studio. Daniel Colin is a musician who believes in constantly progressing, and he says, learning from younger musicians. L'Anniversaire is a fitting tribute to a legend of French music.

1.La Pontissalienne
2. Delicado
3. Double messieurs
4. En avril à Paris
5. Mama, yo quiero un novio
6. Tentation
7. Rues de mon Paris
8. Au fil de l’eau
9. Cheek to cheek
10. Soir de Paris
11. Les moulins de mon Coeur
12. La scie Dorée
13. Czardas