Kyogen of the Tojiro Yamamoto Dynasty

Kyogen of the Tojiro Yamamoto Dynasty

Product Description

Kyogen is a kind of human comedy. Noh theatre is not renowned for its laughter or smiles, but they can be found in abundance in kyogen, traditionally performed as interludes during a noh drama. Kyogen actors are masters of facial and comic expressions. It is performed on the noh stage, but the actors don't wear masks and it is more realistic. Kyogen costumes are also much more simple, and no specialized male or female role specialists. The kyogen repertoire consists of about 260 short plays, divided into the Okura and Izumi schools. Tojiro Yamamoto is one of the great kyogen dynasties, from the Okura school. The plays are classified into various groups according to the subject. These include waki kyogen- in which gods appear, daimoyo kyogen- gullible feudal lords, muko onna kyogen - sons and mothers-in-law and oni yamabushi kyogen-wandering Buddhist priests. This is a 10 DVD set with each disc lasting about 60 minutes. Japanese liner notes only, no subtitles. There are 10 different performances including Suehiro, Fuku no Kami, Futari Daimyo, Yobigoe, Katatsumuri, Setsubun, Gakuami, Kubihiki and Komai.