Kyoganoko Musume Ninin Dojoji, Michiyuki Yori Kaneiri Made

Kyoganoko Musume Ninin Dojoji, Michiyuki Yori Kaneiri Made

Product Description

NTSC, Region Code All, English Commentary and booklet notes. 68 mins (main programme) + 23 minutes (special feature on 50 selected works of Kabuki). Colour. Filmed February 2009.
Features the most popular onnagata actor in Kabuki today, Bando Tamasaburo V (born 1950) and Onoe Kikumosuke (born 1977) an up-and-coming onnagata actor. He performed at the Barbican in London in Nanagawa Yukio's Kabuki adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelth Night, titled Ninagawa Juniya.
Kyoganoko Musume Ninin Dojoji is a spectacular version of the classic dance Musume Dojoji, with two leading dancers instead of the one. The scene of the dance is Dojoji Temple, when a new bronze bell has been built to replace one destroyed by the serpent transformed from Princess Kiyo who had fallen in love with the priest Anchin. Two shirabyoshi dancers, Hanako and Sakurako, arrive at the Dojoji. They take turns dancing, as in the classic Musume Dojoji. At the climax of the dance, their true identities are revealed, when they strike a dramatic mie. A previous Bando Tamasaburo and Onoe Kikunosuke performance of this dance was the fourth Cinema Kabuki film in 2006.