Kumu Ashibi - Cloud Wandering

Kumu Ashibi - Cloud Wandering

Product Description

New album from Okinawa's Takashi Hirayasu, back with Japanese guitarist Ken Ohtake. The two performed for many years in Japan and overseas, and this is their first recording. Ohtake has relocated to Taiwan, where this album was recorded, with a host of local musicians. Mix of Okinawan and original songs, penned by Hirayasu and Ohtake, with elements of rock, funk, African, folk, jazz, and a blend of Okinawan sanshin with Chinese pipa, saxophones, bass, drums and female vocals. Exceptional album, superb packaging and artwork, English translations of the lyrics and other English notes.

1. Daisanaja (Braggart) 2. Umi no Chiinbora (Seashells) 3. Acchamegua (Dance As I Like) 4. Hoshi no Yoru no Umui 5. Ansunte 6. Udui Shisa 7. Drunk Improvisor 8. Yue Sheng Zhi Shi - (Tsuki nu Kaisha) (As the Moon Rises) 9. 1968 10. Chunjun Harasa (Farmer from Chunjan)