Kuchizuke wa Yurushite (Don't Kiss Me)

Kuchizuke wa Yurushite (Don't Kiss Me)

Product Description

Sandii's debut album as 'Sandi Ai' originally released in 1975 from Toho Record. Tracks 1 to 6 are original songs written by popular writers at that time such as Lily and Teruhiko Aoi. Tracks 7 to 12 are covers of Western pop songs and track 13 to 18 are karaoke versions of the first six tracks of the album.
1. Ai no Melody 2. Kuchizuke wa Yurushite 3. Pukashell 4. Banka 5. Koi no Nakanaori 6. Nichiyobi no Gogo 7. Love 8. Angie Baby 9. Desperado 10. A Time For Us 11. The Way We Were 12. I Honestly Love You 13. Ai no Melody 14. Kuchizuke wa Yurushite 15. Pukashell 16. Banka 17. Koi no Nakanaori 18. Nichiyobi no Gogo