Koto - Tadao Sawai Collection 1

Koto - Tadao Sawai Collection 1

Product Description

Tadao Sawai is perhaps Japan's greatest genius of modern koto music. He is known both for his extraordinary technique and for his wonderful compositions. Aside to traditional themes, those compositions often reflected his own ideologies. Those pieces are often dramatic, changing in an instant from soft stroking of the koto strings to percussive hard hitting. Watching Tadao Sawai perform was a memorable experience, Like most masters he made it look easy, belying a deep understanding and total control he brought to his playing. This is a re-release of an LP originally from 1985. He performs with his wife Kazue Sawai and a small ensemble of traditional musicians. Four tracks plus one bonus track for CD. Futasu no Henso-kyoku, Suimen, Sekisyun, Tsuchi Ningyo, Jyokei Sansho.