Korean Folk Song

Korean Folk Song

Product Description

Superb album of various folk style songs of Korea sung by one of the leading singers. Yi Choon-Hi has been singing professionally for about 60 years, and has been recognized with a number of awards. Korean folk music is one of Asia's most passionate and is roughly categorized by region; Gyeonggi (central) Namdo (southern) and Seodo (northwestern). They share some similarities yet differ in many ways too. Gyeonggi is quite upbeat, Namdo minyo slower, with a sometimes dark mood, and Soedo minyo is also slow, sung in a high pitched nasal tone with a melancholic atmosphere.
1. Yibyeolga (6:06) 2. Hanobaeknyeon (3:33) 3. Jeongseon Arirang (5:42) 4. Long Arirang (8:23) 5. Gangwon-do Arirang (2:20) 6. Noraegarak (3:14) 7. Changbu-Taryeong (6:08) 8. Shingosan Taryeong (2:22) 9. Goongchodaenggi (2:36) 10. Sabal-ga (2:38) 11. Yangryuga (2:05) 12. Hoesimgok (17:39) 13. Geumgangsan Taryeong (5:13) 14. Sacheolga (4:16)