Komuso Shakuhachi No Sekai - Tohoku

Komuso Shakuhachi No Sekai - Tohoku

Product Description

Akikazu Nakamura is one of Japan's leading shakuhachi (bamboo flute) players, a musician who has garnered a strong reputation overseas. A graduate of Berklee College he is probably best known for his ability to cross musical boundaries performing with jazz musicians such as Kazumi Watanabe and Elvin Jones, forming the group Kokoo with koto innovator Michio Yagi, and performing at the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center and Blue Note New York. This new CD sees him return to the roots of the shakuhachi, with pieces originally devloped by komuso (wandering priests). Shakuhachi developed during the Edo period (1600-1868) mainly due to the komuso. You many have seen pictures of a komuso, playing a shakuhachi from behind a wicker basket hat under which they have observed life in Japan until the present day. The repertoire is of the classic zen style; meditative, designed for introspection. Within the modern bustle of life, the shakuhachi still offers a sanctuary of relaxation and musical refinement. Tracks include Tsuru no Sugomori, Furin, Futaeken Sanya, Reibo and Mutsu Reibo.